FIT FAMILY - family & friends personalized sessions

We know that it's not always easy to go workout when you can only do it on the expense of you family or social time. How about working out with your family and friends together? This can be extremely fun and life changing. It strengthens your bounds (and muscles) and they say that people that gym together, stay together. This program will help you live a healthier and happier life together while keeping you in all in the right shape.

These Body Workout sessions are dedicated to your family and close friends and framed around your specific needs.

Sessions duration: 0,5 or 1 hours.

Locations: BODYUPGRADE Studio, 75 Buzesti Boulevard, District 1, Bucharest • your home • online

Price: 65 lei/hour/person. For minimum 5 hours paid once or for orders and reservations you make from your free account here, 10% discount applies. The payments are due before the reservations.


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The total hours that you paid for, have a validity period of 60 calendar days, effective the date of your pay. Payments are due before reservations. The time alocated to each session that you take, will be deducted from the total hours you paid for, untill fully consumed. Any paid hours not used by you within the validity period, will not be reported or refunded.
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