THE POWER WITHIN - self-balancing/healing group sessions

We all live fast moving and challenging times. The risk to lose contact with ourselves and the real life which is here and now or to get health issues, is high.

During these sessions, you will learn and practice simple but effective techniques to preserve or restore health and physical, emotional and mental balance. To develop your ability to use them in accordance to your life style, to prevent physical and psychological exhaustion, injuries or health problems. You will also solve the challenges of not having time, not knowing how or willing to have a self-care practice, without giving up things you really want to keep in your daily life.

Practice is done in small groups (up to 15 participants) at our studios or online, with personalized guidance from the trainer. After class assistance is available to you over Whats App, mobile or email.

Duration: 0.5->1.5 hours/session, starting 1.5 hours/sessions @ home.

Locations: Active Family Center, str. Emanoil Porumbaru 42A, district 1, Bucharest • Wellbeing Studio, 75 Buzesti Street, District 1, Bucharest • Sabri Groove Fitness & SPA, 1 Mai Boulevard, Berceni, Ilfov • your office • your home

Price: 70 lei/hour/person. For minimum 5 hours paid once or for orders and reservations made from your free account here, 10% discount applies. The payments are due before the reservations.


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The total hours that you paid for, have a validity period of 60 calendar days, effective the date of your pay. Payments are due before reservations. The time alocated to each session that you take, will be deducted from the total hours you paid for, untill fully consumed. Any paid hours not used by you within the validity period, will not be reported or refunded.
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