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Willing to be active and to make the most of your life? To improve your looks and stamina? To overcome self-imposed limits? To train your body, mind and spirit? Join the Body Workout programs available at our Wellbeing Studio in Bucharest, 75-77 Buzesti Street, at your office, at your home or outdoor. On top of an exquisite program, you will spend quality time and foster quality relations with new people, with your family and friends or your with your team.

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Either you want to just be tonic and active, to upgrade your physical shape or to do more consistent changes in life, this program offers you a perfect mix of well balanced, flawless and results driven activities to help your achieve what you want. It combines the best functional, strength and cardio exercises in a personalized approach, so no chance to get bored.

With more than 15 years of experience as fitness professional trainer and the founder of the BODYUPGRADE 60 days challenge concept, Robert Dinescu manages to motivate even the most stubborn of us. He promotes a sustained workout routine and a well-balanced nutrition as a solid ground for a better, happier and healthier life.

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